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Ludum Dare Games

So, there are now two Ludum Dare entries up on here.

And not much else of recent.

Maybe next few months/years.


Rollz Development Continues

Work on Rollz has been proceeding, with a whole load of changes since it first went up. It now has six more levels, a much improved level editor, tweaked controls and physics and four new tile types expanding the gameplay variety. Still silent however, which could probably do with being changed.


New Game - Rollz

The first Unity-developed game, Rollz is up on the site. It's still an under development project, and used more as a learning experience for myself than necessarily a game for its own sake, although I hope people will eventually still find it fun. You can find it from the Rollz Series link in the sidebar.


Rock Paper Synapse Season 6 and new games?

The complete videos from the sixth season of the Rock Paper Shotgun Frozen Synapse league are now up and can be found in the frozen synapse section.

Also, no promises for when, but I've been making a lot of progress with the Unity Game studio and may have a prototype in a fit state for public release available soon. It won't be anything special, but it will at least be something and hopefully act as a stepping stone to some more interesting games.

Last Updated on Thursday, 23 February 2012 20:52

Videos videos videos

So, site relaunch largely completed, although some appearance/skinning work still to be done. All of my Neocron videos are here now, which you can find from the sidebar on the left. More excitingly perhaps, the Rock Paper Synapse show series of videos for Frozen Synapse has begun to be created and made available. Season 6 of the tournament and hence the first proper season of the show has just begun.

Last Updated on Thursday, 23 February 2012 20:52

Site Relaunced

The Linxsoft Games site had been running an out of date version of the website software, Joomla for a while. A botched attempt to update this led to the site being down for a few weeks. The site is now back, but is being remodeled somewhat - all my gaming content - games, videos, maps, etc - is being moved here, and the site smartened up and reorganised. Apologies if you're looking for some content that is temporarily unavailable, hopefully it should all be back over the next couple of days. Hopefully the site will soon be a bit more attractive too.


Battle Field Arcade availble for playtest

A trial version of a new idea, Battle Field Arcade is availble. Basically, it a chance to experience the gameplay, not the complete game. Feedback on wheter more is wanted would be appreciated.

New site done

Most of the content from the old site is up here now, and I'm inspired actually to possibly make a releaseable version of Battle Field 2 (difficult, as the files I have are corrupted but there may be an old recoverable version), as well as an idea of an arcadey update of the original Battle Field. First however, on to finish up the rest of the sites in the network. (all linked to from the menu bar at the top of this page, or from )
Last Updated on Friday, 06 July 2007 05:54

New Site!

Ok, got a new hosting package, new site. Running Joomla for some competent and easily updatable site. Going to be a while before everything is back though. Keep your eyes trained.

Just dropping by

Just letting you know that I haven't completely abandoned the site - I just got sick of working with The Games Factory. I'm currently intermittently learning C++ (although I've had a lot of work on) and considering how to redesign the site. So, if you have any opinions (please) on how this site should look and work in future, either email me or post about it on the correct thread on the forums.
Last Updated on Monday, 11 June 2007 03:08

Battle Field Expansion

I had planned to make the Zelda demo available today, but it had more bugs and gameplay issues than I had realised. So, instead, there is now an expansion pack for Battle Field 1 + which is available from the downloads page. Get them from the downloads page. Hope you like it.

Strike Force Pincer and Egg Caper up

Well, a bit late (due to lack of broadband access) Here are the two games I promised. Strike Force Pincer and Easter Bunny’s Egg Caper are now available in the downloads section of the site. Having had several complaints (well, two anyway) about the lengths of some of the games I have two comments. One - Get Y-Wing it has many levels. Two - I may well make some expansion packs. They won't take me long.

Battlefield 2 Preview updated

Have just updated the info about Battle Field 2 with screenshots and stuff in the Development section of Information. I’m also noticing not enough people have downloaded Y-Wing, probably by far the best game available at the moment. Expect to see Strike Force Pincer uploaded in the next few days, made just a few years ago and maybe Easter Bunny’s Egg Caper as well (real old school Linxsoft stuff.) check back soon for them. Until then, enjoy.

First games uploaded

Hello, is this thing on? Well, here we are, with me unleashing my games on the world. I've uploaded four games so far, available from the downloads page. Y-Wing Plus, Battlefield 1 plus, Battle Sink and bugged. Thanks guys for showing up here, wherever you are. Here I have a variety of games I've made available for free. Enjoy.